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Over Time! Miners are not bought, Miners are hired therefore they can't be sold. Once Miners are hired they work for you indefinitely, providing you with an unlimited amount of Alpaca at a starting rate of 3.5% daily.

The only fee that users personally incur is their transaction gas fees, which is charged by the BSC network.

Always! No matter when you hire miners, you will begin with a return rate of 3.5% daily.

We recommend that you compound at least once per day but you are free to do so as often as you wish.

Alpaca Miner is sustained by continued community support, just as every other crypto coin, token or project. The difference is Alpaca Miner also has an algorithm that doesn't allow others to instantly dump their coins on the community.

You can either use an app with a dapp browser and choose the Metamask/Injected option or simply use any browser that you want and choose WalletConnect to connect to your wallet's app on your phone.

By design, compounding will be more profitable than pocketing in the long-term.

Once your wallet is connected to the Alpaca Miner website via the SmartChain (BSC) network, you will notice your referral address appear at the bottom of the page. When a new user hires miners after clicking your personal referral link, the contract will send a Alpaca value equal to 10% instantly to your barrel. Be smart, use it to hire miners and build yourself a stream of income.

Alpaca Miner launched 10/05/2021 and continues to pay everyone as promised.